Calculate your water footprint with the “Water Aflamed” iPhone application

One of our readers, Cyril Jarnot, recently suggested we look into the new iPhone application on the virtual water or water footprint concept. Launched in December 2010, the “Water Aflamed” application can be used to measure your annual water footprint.

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Measuring our impact on water to ensure sustainable use

Obtaining data on water uses in order to ensure its effective and sustainable management is the simple idea put forward by the Water Footprint Network Foundation, based on the water footprint concept pioneered by Professor Arjen Hoekstra of Twente University in the Netherlands. The inventive project stems from a global analysis of what constitutes a public good and how to protect a resource when open access to it leads to overexploitation. Many economists are trying in similar ways to reintroduce the "natural resource" variable in calculations used to construct a sustainable economy. One such economist, Pavan Sukhdev, has proposed to incorporate "natural capital" into the models. His concept of "environmental accounting" takes into account the [...]

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